Their shores swept by the breeze of the Meltem
Their mountain slopes steeped in sunshine
And the richness of the land sustains
an agricultural world of great virtues

exceptional flavors, exceptional aromas


ARŌMΣ (ARŌMS) began with an encounter between two people passionate about local agricultural production. Their shared belief in quality products is at the origin of ARŌMΣ. Both fervent amateurs of unique flavors, they decided to pool their talents and market an exceptional selection of Greek bio-agricultural products exclusively drawn from eco-responsible producers. The challenge has been to bring local talent into the light while favoring the sustainable development approach that is central to their preoccupations.

One of ARŌMΣ partners has been interested in nutrition since an early age and has never ceased her discovery of new, natural and refined tastes. Going back and forth between Paris and Athens for the last twenty-five years, she has developed a bi-cultural sensibility that allows her to draw maximum benefit from such a joint approach.

ARŌMΣ other director is an expert in exceptional products and original flavors from the four corners of the planet. A scientist by training, he focuses his perfectionist and demanding knowledge on all matters relating to taste. The spice route is in his blood and flavors are his DNA.

Above all, ARŌMΣ is a company devoted to working with local producers, to making the most of and sharing their savoir-faire.


Our commitment, to make your taste buds fly.

ARŌMΣ selections address a demanding and committed clientele. Proud of our products, of their refinement and quality, we are convinced that the scope of flavors will satisfy every type of palette, from the most demanding to those of new enthusiasts.

ARŌMΣ addresses consumers looking for healthy and unmodified produce, clients conscious of the benefits of eco-responsible diets, clients determined to choose only products of highest quality. We believe in the nutritional virtues of natural goods, grown on land that has been carefully tended by men and women, conscious of and determined to protect their patrimony.

Faithful to Greek tradition, ARŌMΣ respects the harmony between production and natural climate development. Our selections are made in keeping with the rhythm of the seasons. ARŌMΣ represents a choice of brands but also markets a selection of products under its own label. We are very demanding when it comes to deciding what to include under this label.

ARŌMΣ actively recommends utilization of its products by cosmetic customers of DIY.


We accompany men and women who are happy to share the fruit of their harvests, who are generous toward the land they cherish, and eager to transmit their knowledge. We work with cooperatives and family enterprises committed to durable development goals. At ARŌMΣ we are very involved with how our partners cultivate their lands, raise animals and transform their products, while respecting nature and human life at the same time.

The conditioning of our products is always local. This is a commitment which matters deeply to us: limiting the manipulation of products permits the preservation of their taste and savory qualities. From first harvest to the serving dish, we strive to guarantee what is authentic.

At ARŌMΣ respect of the environment is a priority. It has also been anchored for generations in the mentality of the Greek families with whom we work. Geographical proximity further tightens our ties to our producers. We can guarantee the freshness of our products.

Always attentive to our clients desires, we discover aromatic treasures that respond to their requests.

We have been present in Greece for twenty-five years and are a witness to what is now a veritable renewal of the professional sectors. Durable development is a central part of our strategy. We accelerate its progress by encouraging local talent. Real treasures are unearthed which we seek to promote and share under the best conditions.

ARŌMΣ refined, elegant packaging is recyclable. We want ARŌMΣ clients to be proud of our products and our philosophy.


ARŌMΣ olive oil is remarkable for its great flavors. It is a veritable nectar, rich in the symbols and myths that occupy a fundamental place in Greek society, and in the heart of all Greek families.

Our olive orchards come to fulfillment on the gentle slopes of the southern Peloponnese. The olive trees are peacefully cradled by breezes, themselves replete with mist from the bordering bodies of water and warmed by the Mediterranean sun. From the end of autumn to the beginning of winter, the olives are hand picked and brought to the Elaioladou mill. Extracted cold, the extra virgin olive oil is bottled on location. Our nectar offers the perfect balance of the sweet with the acid and the bitter.

We are proud to be able to share our choice of ARŌMΣ extra virgin, extra-virgin Bio oil, and aromatized olive oils (each involves a different kind of conditioning).

The Bio type olive oil chosen by ARŌMΣ is adapted to the cosmetic preparations of Bio DIY.



"There is a secret corner
of Greece in the heart
of every Western man..."
André Malraux



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