The saffron pistils chosen by ARŌMΣ are taken from Kozani crocus flowers, considered to produce some of the best saffron in the world. This rare and short-lived flower grows in continental Greece. The delicate pistils are very fragile and are hand picked. Drying them is a veritable science designed to preserve their flamboyant red color.

ARŌMΣ is proud to use the infinite delicacy of the Kozani natural and bio crocus for its saffron.


This elixir is a fundamental element of Greek gastronomy. Since Antiquity, long before olive oil, honey was appreciated for its nutritional values as well as for its therapeutic qualities, already praised by Hippocrates.

Honey chosen by ARŌMΣ is the product of an artisan method that evolves according to nature’s rhythms. Texture and color shades vary from one harvest to the next. We offer a product privileged by an exceptional delicacy. The excellence and perfume of the precious honey nectar chosen by ARŌMΣ are a permanent aspect of every harvest.



SAGE sprigs

ARŌMΣ selects its sage from plantings on the slopes of mountains in Arcadia. ARŌMΣ sage is distinctive: its
leaves are like clover and can either be used as an aromatic or infusion.



From the Peloponnese to central Greece, from Thessaly to Thrace, and from Attiki to Epirus, not to mention the islands of the five seas, Greek lands are splendid with plants and generous trees that allow us to offer you a wide variety of preserved and exotic fruits. ARŌMΣ’s selection of these precious autumn colored delicacies is thick with flamboyant savors and health benefits.



White fève, coco beans.

The Greek sun and mist-laden breezes confer an aroma and inimitable savors to the legumes chosen by ARŌMΣ. The infinite qualities of these dry vegetables are a formidable ally of good health. And at the same time, our legumes stand up to every culinary challenge.